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Young Investigator Workshop on Basic Science and Translational immunology in PSC

In Hamburg, 25/26th of May, 2023

Contact and application: (Juliane Gaenge)

In order to motivate and engage young scientists into research on the pathogenesis and treatment of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), the International PSC Study Group (IPSCSG) together with the European Reference Network on Hepatological Diseases (ERN RARE-LIVER) and the Clinical Research Unit 306 (CRU 306), Hamburg, will host a workshop on basic science and translational immunology in PSC research. The workshop will foster international networking between participants and will present a forum to discuss ongoing research projects together with internationally recognized experts in basic science and immunology. We are planning to host up to 30 young scientists and ten senior scientists involved in PSC research for mentoring and state of the art presentations. To support the aims of the workshop the meeting will take place in the trendy Pier3 Hotel located right in the heart of the Hamburg harbour city ( The meeting will start with a dinner on the 24th of May and end around 3 p.m. on the 26th of May. Accomodation for two nights and food will be covered by the organizers.

How to apply?

  • You are a basic or clinician scientist younger than 40 years
  • You want to present and discuss ongoing PSC research and network in an interactive and fun atmosphere?
  • You or your group are able to pay for the travel?
  • Then send your short CV (max. 1 page) and the summary of your ongoing or planned project (max. 1 page) to by February 12th 2023

Selection process and feedback:

The steering committee members of IPSCSG will select up to 30 young investigators for participation. Feedback on applications will be given until March 4th, 2023.

With best wishes,

Christoph Schramm and Ansgar W. Lohse Please spread this invitation amongst your research groups and scientists involved and interested in PSC research.

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