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Welcome to the home page of the International PSC Study Group (IPSCSG)

The International PSC study group (IPSCSG) was founded in Oslo in 2010. The aim of the IPSCSG is to coordinate PSC research projects between leading institutions worldwide. More than 20 countries are represented (see map) and an alignment of important research topics in PSC means that rather than competition and redundancy, projects are run efficiently and are of a size that allows for robust conclusions to be drawn. Both basic and clinical research groups are represented, allowing for translational research that would otherwise not be feasible. A joint database for registering patient data has been established, and several studies are presently being performed.

Steering committee


Prof. Cyriel Ponsioen, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prof. Ulrich Beuers, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: Hadassa Heidsieck:


Prof. Tom Hemming Karlsen Oslo, Norway

Prof. Christoph Schramm, Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

Prof. Cynthia Levy, Miami, USA

Prof. Chris Bowlus, Sacramento, USA

Prof. Chantal Housset, Paris, France

Prof. Annika Bergquist, Stockholm,Sweden


Photo: Robert Lisak