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IPSCSG-MRI Working Group – call for project presentations

The 8th MRI workshop of the IPSCSG will take place at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet on September 26th 2022 from 09:30 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.The main objective of the workshop is to present and discuss new and existentcollaborative projects in a friendly and interactive ambience. To achieve this,we hope to see as many as possible of you there in person. In addition,following an introduction from first author Aida Lunder we will briefly discussthe implications of the identification of PSC-like MRI features in IBD patientswithout previous indications of PSC in the Gastroenterology paper from 2016.In order to prepare the agenda, we would like to ask for your short feedback to :– Will you be able to attend the meeting in person or via video conference? – Would you like to present a project?– Do you have other suggestions for the agenda?